Changes made to the Code arising from Public Consultation

This Code is a product of the extensive feedback during the public consultation held from May 16th to July 29th 2011.

Over that period, a total of 112 written submissions were received whilst the Working Group engaged with over 140 additional groups/interests via workshops, webinars and emails.

The feedback represented a hugely diverse response, comprising input from individual charities, voluntary and community organisations, umbrella representative bodies, fundraisers, grant-makers, government departments, lawyers, trainers, educational institutions, students of post-graduate studies on the Third Sector, accountants, non-profit practitioners, retired public service officials, politicians and members of the public.

You can see the list of those who participated in the consultation here.

So what are the key changes?

Essentially, the principles of the Code remain the same whilst the presentation has been made more reader and user friendlier as a result of the following:

Sign the one-page Governance Code Principles Statement.