Note for HSE Funded Organisations and the Governance Code

Organisations in receipt of funding from the Health Service Executive under Grant Aid Agreements Section 39 Health Act 2004 (up to €250,000.00).

As a condition of endorsing the Governance Code, the HSE additionally requires organisations funded under a Grant Aid Agreement of up to €250,000 to demonstrate compliance with the following:

  • There must be a written Constitution/Memorandum and Articles of Association document for the organisation.
  • Separate bank account in the name of the organisation.
  • Financial procedures regarding cash handling/payments.
  • Meet Tax Clearance requirements.
  • Adherence to Public and EU procurement Policies.
  • Complaints policy in line with Part 9 of the Health Act 2004. (If services to Children and/or vulnerable adults is provided).
  • Freedom from abuse policy. (If services to Children and/or vulnerable adults is provided).
  • Safeguarding of Children and vulnerable Adults policy, including Garda Vetting. (If services to Children and/or vulnerable adults is provided).

Once the above are included, the HSE accept that an organisation that is in compliance with the Governance Code is also compliant with the HSE governance requirements for Grant Aid (under €150,000).

Where the Grant Aid amounts to €150,000 up to €249,999, Audited Financial Statements are an additional requirement.

The HSE would still require information returns but the organisation could be assured that the HSE governance requirements would be fulfilled by their adoption of the Governance Code.

Please note: The governance requirements for organisations managed by the HSE’s Service Arrangements are much more extensive and are not fully covered by the Governance Code. Although compliance with the Governance Code may provide evidence of good governance practice it is not sufficient to be in compliance with the extensive additional governance requirements that the HSE mandate under their Governance Framework.

Written on 8 Jul, 2015

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